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What could be more important than securing your family’s future? Seeking advice now and taking the appropriate action will guarantee that your future and the future of those who depend upon you is secure.

We give expert advice on the making of:

  • Single/Joint Wills
  • Probate Affairs of the Elderly
  • Powers of Attorney

If you are in dispute over a Will we have the expertise to provide advice on your rights and how best to attain those rights.A great many of our clients have come to us by personal recommendation from friends and family and also professional referral from solicitors and financial advisors.

Only by making a Will can you guarantee that your wishes are carried out upon your death. It is a common belief that if no Will has been made the property and finances of the deceased will automatically pass on to their next of kin; unfortunately this is not the case. Without a Will the Law will determine who will inherit your Estate and although the Administration of Estates Act ensures that spouses and children are provided for, this may take a while and cause stress and anxiety at an already difficult time. Unfortunately the Law does not make any provision for unmarried partners or step-children and it is therefore even more crucial that cohabiting couples make Wills.

You need to make a Will if you want to:

  • Decide who will inherit your assets
  • Make proper provision for your family
  • Nominate who you want as guardians of your children
  • Appoint Executors to handle your affairs
  • Minimise Inheritance Tax Liability
  • Make a charitable donation
  • State your wishes for your funeral arrangements

If you made a Will some time ago you should consider reviewing it to ensure that it is up to date with any changes in your circumstances.

Feel free to contact our offices on 0845 458 6291 or email us at info@averyknights.com; whatever the nature of your query we will be more than happy to assist.