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After we receive instructions from you, we will first obtain your deeds.

Following receipt of the deeds, a draft contract will be prepared and submitted to the buyer’s solicitors for consideration, together with evidence of your ownership of the property. Details will also be included of any ‘covenants’ that affect the property (for example an obligation to maintain a common area).

Enquiries will be raised by the buyer’s solicitors about the property and contract. A property has to be fully represented, meaning that all information affecting it should be disclosed. We will take your instructions on any queries raised in order to answer them correctly and avoid you being liable for any mis-representation claims after completion of the sale.

The terms of the contract will then be agreed and, when you and the buyer are ready to be committed to the sale, contracts will be exchanged. Before this happens, the buyer will want to have completed all of their enquiries, arranged their mortgage and in some cases lined up the sale of their own property.

After contracts have been exchanged, we will approve the final documentation on your behalf and, if relevant, obtain the details of anyone holding a mortgage over the property so that they can be paid upon completion.

The arrangements will be made for completion and on the day of completion, by which you must vacate the property, we will receive the funds from the buyer’s solicitors. The deeds will then be passed over, any mortgage settled and arrangements made for it’s formal discharge. The documents will then be passed to the buyer’s solicitors.

Commission due to any estate agents or thrid parties (if applicable) will be paid out of the net proceeds of the sale.

Feel free to contact our offices on 0845 458 6291 or email us at info@averyknights.com; whatever the nature of your query we will be more than happy to assist.