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When we receive your instructions, we will contact the vendor’s solicitors to request a draft contract package.

Upon receipt of these papers, any relevant searches will be made and enquiries raised about the contract and the property itself.

Enquiries will then be made as to whether there are any rights, restrictions and covenants that apply to the property to establish any adverse factors that may affect the property.

If we believe that the terms of the contract are fair to you, we will report out to you in readiness for contracts to be exchanged with the vendor’s solicitors.

In the case that you are taking out a mortgage to help with your purchase, we will ensure that the instructions have been received, a suitable offer made and that any attached conditions can be met before proceeding to completion. Any further enquiries about the ownership of the property and all relevant title searches will be made prior to completion.

A request will be made to your lender for the mortgage advance to be forwarded for completion (usually 24hrs). It may be necessary to provide them with a ‘report on title’ to show that you have sufficient title on the property for the mortgage to be secure.

When the purchase reaches completion (the day that you are entitled to move in), arrangements will be made for the payment of the purchase price to be made to the vendor’s solicitors. We will also obtain documents to prove title to the property.

Following completion, we will finalise registration of the property into your name and complete any outstanding formalities.

To finalise the process, the deeds will be sent either to yourself or your mortgage company, as appropriate. If they are sent to the mortgage company, you will be provided with copies for your own records.

Feel free to contact our offices on 0845 458 6291 or email us at info@averyknights.com; whatever the nature of your query we will be more than happy to assist.