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A remortgage or refinance mortgage is moving your existing mortgage to a new lender to receive a better rate of interest and or to release equity. We can normally complete on a remortgage case within 5-10 working days of receiving your mortgage offer from your new lender.

When we have received instructions from you, we will apply for your deeds.

The deeds will then be reviewed, any enquiries about the property and contract will be made and the relevant searches will be carried out. Any necessary enquiries will be made to ensure that you do have ownership of the property and have ‘good title’.

Because you will be obtaining a new mortgage, we will check that the instructions have been received, a suitable offer has been made and that any conditions of the mortgage can be complied with before completing. Any further enquiries and title searches will be made.

A request will be made to your mortgage company for a redemption figure. Your new lender will be provided with a ‘report on title’ at this time to show that your title to the property is sufficient to secure the mortgage.

Following completion, all of the necessary registration at HM Land Registry will be completed. The deeds will be passed to the mortgage company, with a copy to you for your own records.

Feel free to contact our offices on 0845 458 6291 or email us at info@averyknights.com; whatever the nature of your query we will be more than happy to assist.